You can never have too many!

Tips and General Information

  • Use X-Press It Blending card paper it’s perfect for blending and it’s acid free and archival safe.
  • Use Memento stamping ink.  The copic marker will not bleed through the stamped line.
  • HP ink jet ink is compatible with the Copic marker.  You may use it to print your digital image onto the X-Press It Blending Card paper.  The marker will not bleed through the HP ink.
  • Be sure to have a clean scrap paper under the image you are working on.  If the scrap paper is dirty, the color can be picked up from the back and bleed into the front of your work and ruin it.
  • When using mixed coloring tools (i.e., copic markers, pencils, paint, etc.) always apply your Copic marker first.  The nibs will absorb other mediums which may cause damage to the marker’s nib.
  • Copic markers may be stored either horizontally or vertically.
  • Copic markers are not affected by temperature (hot or cold).  Either extreme will not damage the ink.
  • Always store your Copic Atyou Spica Glitter Pens horizontally (not standing up).  This will allow the glitter to stay mixed rather than gather at one end of the marker.  Spica Glitter Pens are archival and acid-free.
  • Copic Multiliner pens are great for drawing in “skipped” lines on a stamped image and coloring eyes on digital images.  Multiliner pens are “Copic-Proof”.  A Copic Marker will not bleed over the Multliner pen line if the line is completely dry.


Copic Marker Types

1.)  Original Copic Marker

  • First style to be created by the .Too Corporation in Japan
  • Square body design; color number is printed on the end cap
  • 216 color choices and are refillable
  • Can be customized with 9 different nibs; comes with the standard fine nib and broad nib
  • Used for altering backgrounds on paper, embellishments, ribbon, and airbrushing.  The fine nib is more firm, therefore,  perfect for journaling.

2.)  Sketch Marker

  • Most popular of all Copic Markers
  • Available in over 300 colors and are refillable.  If new colors are added to the spectrum, they will be featured in the Sketch.
  • Empty markers are available to create your own customized blended colors
  • Comes with the Super Brush Nib (like a brush, it never frays) and medium broad nib (firm chisel tip for coloring large areas and airbrushing)
  • Most popular marker among rubber stampers as it has the largest range of colors and blends smoothly

3.)  Ciao Marker (pronounced “chow”)

  • Comes with identical nibs to the Sketch
  • Available in 144 colors and is refillable
  • Special child-safe cap containing small holes; in case of swallowing, the child can still breath (color number is not printed on cap)
  • Not intended for airbrushing
  • A slightly smaller, affordably priced marker that holds less ink and is great for beginners

4.)  Wide Marker

  • Available in 36 colors and is refillable
  • Color range is limited to earthy and pale colors for ground, water and sky
  • Comes with a firm 3/4″ wide chisel nib
  • Used for special effects in conjunction with blender solution, large areas and backgrounds, great for altering large embellishments

Various Ink Refills

  • All colors have a matching bottle of ink
  • Depending on the marker style, each bottle will refill a marker up to 15 times
  • Non-toxic ink comes in a recyclable bottle that is marked with measuring guides and has an air-tight seal that will protect the ink from drying out
  • Never throw an empty marker away!  It can be refilled and the nibs can be replaced