Reviewed:  Tombow Stamp Runner

An adhesive applicator with a dual function of stamper and tape runner.

  • The stamping application applies an adhesive square precisely where you want it, eliminating the need for photo splits, tabs or dots.
  • By changing the position of the applicator, you can easily change from stamping application to tape runner.
  • Permanent Adhesive is photo-safe, acid-free and wrinkle-free.
  • The applicator has a protective cap that keeps the tape from sticking to everything in your drawer.
  • The runner is refillable with 40 feet of adhesive.

Drawbacks:  I find no drawbacks with the Tombow Stamp Runner.

I give the Tombow Stamp Runner a “green” light.  It is very easy to use, refillable, and feels good in my hand (not too big, small, or bulky.  Refilling the applicator is a snap!


Reviewed:  ArtBin Magnetic Die Storage Case and Magnetic Sheets

  • This storage case and magnetic sheets come highly recommended for those who use many different kinds of thin metal dies.
  • The case itself is translucent and holds 21 magnetic sheets when full.  It has a handle and hinged lid with sliding locks.  The purchase of the case gets you started with 3 magnetic sheets.
  • The case is thin enough to fit inside a rolling storage cart or desk drawer.
  • The magnetic sheets are thin and can hold any thin metal die.  They are sold in packages of 3 and are cost effective.

Drawbacks:  There are no drawbacks to the case or magnetic sheets.

I give the ArtBin Storage Case and Magnetic Sheets a “green” light.  This item has been a huge space saver for me.  It keeps all of my dies in one easy spot, organized and ready to go!  The magnet is strong, I have never had any dies slip off a sheet.  They are reasonably priced and worth every penny.  They are now available in larger craft stores as well as online.