Reviewed:  Martha Stewart Punch All Over The Page Punches

The “All Over The Page” punches come in two varieties.  One that can be used to simply punch anywhere on your project and the second that has a guide on its larger base to achieve patterns on your project, used in much the same way as the edger punches (refer to photo).

  • Both punches have magnetic bottoms that help to hold your paper in place.
  • Both punches have a “flattened corner” to help with easy placement of top to base.
  • Both punches require a two-handed press down, but they easily punch through cardstock.

Drawbacks:  As with all Martha Stewart punches, they are pricey.

The Martha Stewart All Over The Page punch gets a “green” light.  The ease of use, abundant designs, and limitless uses on many different kinds of projects makes these punches a fun and valuable tool.


Reviewed: Fiskars Antique Elegance Circle Punch

Fiskars Circle Punch


  • This punch is designed to produce a small and large circle.  It works just like an edger punch.  After you make your initial punch, you simply follow the pattern on the punch until you have completed the circle.  The small circle pattern goes in one direction while the large pattern goes in the opposite direction.  Both are marked clearly on the base of the punch.
  • The wide pressing “paddle” is easy to use and handy for thicker papers.

I give the Fiskars Circle Punch a “green” light.  I found that it made the cut easily and I was able to produce both the small and large circle (above photo) without problem.



Reviewed: We R Memories Crop-A-Dile

  • The Crop-A-Dile punches 1/8″ and 3/16″ holes, sets eyelets, snaps and gromlets.  It is portable, silent and a setting mat is not required.
  • This tool does everything mentioned above with ease and of course with some practice you can get your embellishment set exactly where you want it.


  • I find that the Crop-A-Dile is heavy and a bit large for small hands (which I have).
  • When setting eyelets it tends to take the paint off the eyelet.  To avoid this, I found that placing plastic wrap between the tool and eyelet helps retain the paint.

I give the Crop-A-Dile a “yellow” light.  The awkwardness of the tool, its heaviness and the fact that it takes the paint off eyelets makes me shy away from using it.

  • I much prefer the older “Silent Setter” by ProvoCraft, which is also silent, portable, and punches three different sizes of holes, but it does not take the paint off eyelets.


Reviewed: American Crafts “Knock Outs” Border Punch Value Kit

American Crafts Knock Outs

  • The kit includes a border punch base, 6 interchangeable border punches, 12 matching wing guides and a storage case carrying case.
  • You use the punches in the same manner you use the Martha Stewart border punches.
  • The one base with the interchangeable borders and wings helps greatly with storage space.
  • The carrying case makes your punch system easily portable.
  • The punches easily cut through cardstock.

Drawbacks: I find no drawbacks with this product!

The American Crafts “Knock Outs” Border Punch Value Kit gets a “green” light.  The ease of use, consistency of punch, portability, and the space saving aspect makes this product a must have.


Pennant Punch & Bubble Caps


Reviewed:  Epiphany Crafts “Pennant 25” Punch

  • This tool allows you to customize your shape.  Simply choose the paper design you desire into the tool and position it through the view finder.
  • Place the epoxy shape directly onto your paper image in the viewfinder and press firmly.  Close the lid and press.  Open the lid and remove your shape.
  • Super easy to use.  It can be used alone (without the bubble caps) and can punch through cardstock as well as decorative paper.
  • The amount of designs you can create is limitless.
  • The bubble caps used in the pennant punch come in a package containing 25 pieces.
  • Different shapes with corresponding bubble caps are available.   (Both sold separately.)

Drawbacks:  Other than being a bit “pricey” and having to repeatedly purchase bubble caps if used a great deal, I find no other drawbacks.

The Epiphany Crafts Shape Punch gets a “green” light.  The ease of use and the limitless custom shapes you can create makes this punch valuable.  I find the added perk of being able to use the punch without the bubble caps also beneficial.