Micro Dots – A definite time saver!


  • Glue Dots Adhesives have come out with the Micro Dot version (pink box above).  They are a total time saver.  The dots are small enough to stick tiny beads and rhinestones to your project and are acid free.  They work like any other Glue Dots product.  Simply place your rhinestone on top of the glue dot and then onto your project.
  • Use a Martha Stewart ballpoint-tip glue pen to adhere small and/or intricate die cuts to your projects.  The glue is easily controlled so it won’t come out too fast and soak through your paper.  The tip of the pen is small enough to add glue to fine die cuts including ones made with the Cricut machine.  The glue is acid free, and therefore safe for your scrapbooking projects as well.